The pain is already considered one of the biggest complaints in doctors ‘ offices. In many cases, this pain limits the patient’s quality of life, compromising from simple day to day activities to their job functions.

The involvement of back pain may be related to severe spinal diseases, and the pain may also be accompanied by other symptoms depending on the patient’s condition and the diagnosis of the problem. There are other cases. However, that back pain is lighter, appearing and disappearing spontaneously, which can happen when a greater effort is made by lifting something heavy, for example.

However, back pain can have many different causes and can never be ignored or self-medicated. We have listed five major risk factors for its emergence. Follow:

- Physical inactivity: do not you practice regular physical exercises? Know that the level of physical conditioning greatly influences the occurrence of back pain.People who do not often exercise, adopting more sedentary behaviors in their routines, are much more susceptible to back pain.This is because the absence of activities that strengthen the spinal support muscles implies less resistance to impacts or overload, for example, that the spine commonly suffers from. Hence the importance of including in the day today the practice of physical activity that contributes to the strengthening of the spine.

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- Aging: there is no escape. It is more natural that with aging, back pain is more recurrent. But that does not mean that we need to give in to pain as we age. The habit of taking proper care of the spine since youth, with exercises to strengthen the muscles of support of the region and with the adoption of a correct posture in all activities of the day, helps a lot in the condition of the patient in old age.

- Smoking: Studies show that smoking increases the development of back pain, especially in people who have suffered some injury in the region and still undermines the real recovery of patients who underwent spinal surgery.

- Poor diet: A well-selected diet is crucial in the pursuit of good physical conditioning along with regular exercise. The lack of healthy eating contributes to overweight, which tends to subject the spine to a higher rate of stress and, consequently, the pains in the region.

- The bad posture: the care with the position does not refer only to the aesthetics, the rightposture is essential to avoid the pain in the back. If you do not position yourself correctly in the simple activities of everyday life, at work, while sitting and lying down, for example, sooner or later your spine will be significantly affected by bad habit.

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